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90453 NW 70th St. • Pratt, KS 67124 • Steve Stratford
Cell: (620) 546-1789 • Office: (620) 546-4646 • strato@havilandtelco.com • Jeff Earl: 303-263-3867


Join us on our new Sale date

View the Commercial Females and Pairs consigned to the Sale
View Videos of some of the featured bulls in the Sale

All the bulls have been videoed for the sale. If you have a specific request for a lot, feel free to use the "Contact Us" link and we will make it a priority to get it to you.

We would like to thank you for the interest in Stratford Angus and invite you to come take a look at the bulls we have to offer for 2017 breeding seasons in a low-pressure, private treaty environment.

It is our policy to only keep our herd’s top performers. Unlike many breeders, we make steers out of 50% of the potential bulls giving you the opportunity to select your potential herd sires from the top of the calf crop. All bulls carry a 100% guarantee for their first 60 day breeding season. Our guarantee states will replace or refund any bull that is hurt, becomes non-functional, has a disposition problem, or you decide you just don't like him.

One of our strengths is our ability to place a large number of calves and yearlings in the seasonal Fall calf run. Through 20 years of order buying, we are very fortunate to have built a significant clientele that desires and pays for quality ANGUS genetics. We can’t buy all the calves sired by our bulls, but we bid on most if not all of them. Large numbers are purchased and sold to progressive cattlemen who provide us with performance records and kill data. We strive to help our customers attain all they can for their herd and produce a product which is superior to the average bovine population.

Purchasing bulls is a decision that takes a lot of thought.

We offer a low pressure system to alleviate some of the pressure and spur-of-the-moment decisions. Complete performance records, EPDs, and DNA test results are maintained on every animal. The more we know about your breeding and marketing plan, the better we can service your needs. We hope you accept our invitation to go through our bulls. Visiting about the cows and calves at your place, and working with you on your goals and production module, helps us in our breeding and marketing decisions. As with any major decision, a third party's knowledge or advice is often comforting. Please click on the References and Industry Contacts page to get a list of fine cattlemen who can shine some light on our program, our cattle, and answer any questions you might have.

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